Naqaa Foundation for Scientific Research,
 Technology and Development NSRTD


NSRTD is now recruiting new staff members to join its departments:

Recruiting call is now open to:

Marketing department (Code: 001) { Experience is a must }

Fund-raising department (Code: 002) { Experience is a must }

Human resources department (Code: 003)

Training department (Code: 004)

International public relations department (Code: 005)

National public relations department (Code: 006)

Media coordination department (Code: 007) { Experience is a must }

Information Technology Department (Code: 008) { Experience is a must }

Scholarships Department (Code: 009)

Sales Department (Code: 010)

Scientific publishing Department (Code: 011)

Logistics Department ( Code:012)

Research and Development Department ( Code: 013)


NSRTD  organizes many  events, activities and competitions. 

The Organizing committee is inviting people to join our team work in arranging for our events and activities

They will perform the following tasks:

Specific Tasks  ( These tasks are determined according to the department which you will join)

General Tasks for all members in any department:  

  • live and Internet marketing for our events.
  • Media marketing for our network and our events in journals, television and radio.
  • Arranging and organizing technical seminars about our event in universities, clubs, associations and different organizations.
  • They will represent us in our booths in many places to accept event registration.
  • Those who will be selected as a fund raising team will attract exhibitors and sponsors to participate in our events.

Benefits they will gain:

  • Registration to the events for free or at discounted rates according to their marketing activities performance.
  • They will receive a certificate of attendance (scientific participants only)
  • They will  recieve a certificate of recognation for their organizing efforts( optional according to their performance).
  • They will join Nakaa Networks as members for free
  • Their names will be added to our website staff members.
  • They will represent the network in all TV programs or Radio programs that will announce the event.
  • Concerning Fund raising team,each personal will gain 2% of the total contract value that NSRTD will sign with a sponsor or exhibitor for any event.

Eligability as an organizer:

  • you must be either a student or a graduate from one of the following faculties: Pharmacy, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, Computer sciences, Media, Art ( media sector) and business adminstration.
  • you must have a computer and internet connection.
  • you must be free at least 3 hours per day.
  • you must be honest, active and hardworking.


If you are interested to join us, please send send your cv to  [email protected]  and mention in subject

  " Nakaa Foundation friends Staff " + the code of the department you would like to join and you will be asked to attend an interview.



    Important: you have to send us a weekly  report every week about your activities either live or  your internet marketing and advertising to our events showing sites, webs, groups, emails, networks as twitter, facebook, my space , forums and others where you market to the conference.

    you will be invited to attend a meeting every 15 days to discuss all issues concerned with Nakaa Foundation and your progress in performing your tasks.


  • Dead line to send CV is 31 Jan. 2015

  • Best regards to all of  you

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